Canada Roofing Eh!

 Canada is one of the world’s largest nations and an ideal backdrop for filming. From the shores of Prince Edward Island to the mighty interior to the gloriously pretty community of Vancouver, Canada has long served as one of the world’s premier film locations. The Canadian filming industry has a long history that includes native actors and actors, directors and film companies from other places including the United States. Today, the contemporary film culture in Canada continues to thrive. Many Canadian actors have made great films here. Many important and significant film companies have chosen to make films in this nation.

A Long and Honorable History

The Canadian film industry has a long and honorable history, stemming from the very creation of the cinema in 1896. Thomas Edison’s movies created a spark in Canada as well New York City where the films were shown. The very first movie theater was opened in Montreal in 1907. Companies such as the Canadian Pacific Railway used movies as a means of demonstrating to people the beautiful Canadian countryside. Potential immigrants were enticed to move to Canada in order to enjoy a better-living standard. The campaign was highly successful. Thousands of short movies were made and shown all over the world.

The Development of Fiction

Canadian companies also began to see Canada as a worthy setting for their stories. They helped change the course of world cinema by setting films in this part of the world. The first full-length feature film was made in Canada as early as 1913. Many other filmmakers also began to realize that made sense for them to use Canada as part of the film or as a substitute for other places. For example, rather than construct a set version of New York City, a company would typically decide to shoot in Toronto instead. Canadian companies began to participate by placing ads that said film studios wanted or wanted movie shooting locations to help bring in even more business.

Industry Development

Since the early start well over a century ago, the Canadian film industry has continued to flourish. Today, thousands of movies are made each year in Canada. Many other international movie companies have chosen to film here. Doing so has many important advantages. Costs are lower in shoot in Montreal and Toronto than in New York City or Los Angeles. A locally skilled workforce can provide the kind of help that any director needs. The entire nation is also idea for those film companies that are looking to make French language films as there is a heavy local Francophone population. The same is true for directors and film companies that wish to make films in English here. Many local actors and directors have also risen to prominence both in Canada and all over the world.

The Contemporary Canadian Film Scene

The contemporary Canadian film scene is one that continues to thrive. Many Canadians such as Sandra Oh and Bill Murray have made the transition from working in Canada to work in the United States as well. Actors and directors have emerged from all over Canada to take the world by storm. This includes people such as John Pozer in Vancouver, Guy Madden from Winnipeg and Lea Pool from Quebec. Zacharias Kunuk, a famous sandstone artist, has also helped bring out the native Canadian culture with his films on life in the far north. The result of their work and the work of many others has helped to demonstrate that Canadians are highly open to all forms of filmmaking and happy to show the world what they can do.


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